Monday, June 20, 2011

IP Telephony in Middle East

IP Telephony is next revolutionary in modern communication. It promises all state of the art features and services that really ease life of a common man. It greatly helps businesses to enhance their daily operations & is able to manage communication resources in a reasonable way.
IP Telephony has already emerged and become very popular in western part of the world due to its great flexibility & features.
IP Telephony has great potential for all sorts of businesses in Middle East and the reason is same as that of western part.
It greatly help to reduce the cost as compare to traditional telephone system deployed in any business.
It can utilize the same data network infrastructure as used for computer data network and can easily start without having any additional cabling for telephone.
 It can further reduce cost as using same computer terminal as telephone handset in the software form.
Utilizing a good software component, IP Telephony system can deliver excellent reporting tools and help businesses to control the expenses on their telephone utility bills.
IP Telephony has several features like voicemail, voicemail to email, IVR, IVR to CRM, text to speech, dictation, Call back, connecting multiple offices, remote trunkings and much more.
for complete list of features and implementing the IP Telephony in your business.
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